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In the last 10 years, no other British newcomer was as successful as Amy Macdonald: her first album "This Is The Life" stayed in the official charts for over 82 weeks, she received double platinum, played in front of capacity crowds, won two ECHO Awards in Germany and immediately conquered the album charts with "A Curious Thing". On June 8th, the Scottish singer presents her third album, "Life In A Beautiful Light".
This summer, Amy Macdonald fans are looking forward to a brand-new album! On June 8th, the third work of the 24-year old singer/songwriter will see the light of day. With "This Is The Life" (2007), she celebrated her international breakthrough and captured the hearts of her Austrian fans. Her first album sold over 3 million times around the world – a number that makes it the most successful UK debut album of the last decade. "This Is The Life" earned Amy Macdonald double platinum in Austria, two ECHO Awards in Germany and an enthusiastic community of fans who pilgrimage to her live shows. Her second album "A Curious Thing" (2010) was her next big success, conquered the Austrian top 40 charts and received Platinum.
Now, Amy Macdonald presents "Slow It Down," the first single from her new album. Slowing down, however, is not at all what she does: Amy plans a number of projects for 2012. The single can already be heard on Austrian radio stations. The album "Life In A Beautiful Light" was created together with Amy's long-time companion Pete Wilkinson and the legendary audio engineer Bob Clearmountain (David Bowie, Aimee Mann, The Corrs, Robbie Williams etc.). With "Life In A Beautiful Light," Macdonald, who is engaged to the English soccer star Steve Lovell, introduces the next chapter in her fascinating success story. With her blend of folk, pop and rock, she will entice her audience in 2012.