Rhoda Scott concert in Budapest

New concert date

on 31 Oct

Dear Customers,

we are sorry to announce that the Rhoda Scott concert planned to be held in the 11th of November in Budapest is cancelled. 

New concert date:
Confirm for the Rhoda Scott Lady Quartet on the 14th of april in Budapest!

Message from Rhoda Scott for fans of Budapest:

“Dear Fans,

I’m really sorry to announce this, but unfortunately I had an accident. 

I was put in the hospital.

I had surgery, but the doctors said that I need a longer rest to recover.

I’m really sad, that we can’t celebrate together my birthday, but I’ll be strong, I’ll be better and as soon as possible and I’ll come to Budapest in 2019 so we can have an amazing concert together.

With Love,

Rhoda Scott"