on 20 Jan

1. By purchasing tickets and/or entering or attempting to enter the Sporting Event, you will be taken to have accepted the Venue Terms & Conditions of Basketball Games.

2. The Entrant’s admission to the Venue of the Sporting Event can be accepted if
2.1. the Entrant isn’t banned, warned off or excluded;
2.2. the Entrant has a valid ticket, season ticket, or any other device giving the bearer the right to attend an Event;
2.3. (upon admission) the personal data on the Entrant’s ticket, season ticket, club card, or proper certification is identical with the personal data on the Entrant’s Identity Card or any other identifying documents;
2.4. the Entrant is evidently not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and narcotics;
2.5. the Entrant subjects herself/himself to the security searches of clothing, bags and other items
2.6. the Entrant • does not bring food, beverages, narcotics • does not carry any unmanageable items which do not fit under the seats; which may cause danger or disruption to any Event or to functionaries or to other visitors (regardless of whether or not such item is illegal or carried for specific purposes); which pose a health and safety risk; which affect the enjoyment of other visitors; which affect the running of the Sporting Event • does not carry any items which are or may be illegal; which are prohibited by the Organizers • refuses to leave the prohibited item with our stewards
2.7. the Entrant does not carry any inscriptions and flags, which incite hatred, or are of political content; or does not carry any legally prohibited autocratic symbols; furthermore does not wear such clothes
2.8. the Entrant does not carry any items for promotional or commercial purpose, except with the Organizers express written consent
2.9. the Entrant does not carry any video/voice recording equipment or any other professional cameras; or does not refuse to leave it with our stewards; with the exception of having the express written consent of the Organizers
2.10. the Entrant gives her/his express consent to all filming (CCTV and film cameras may be present at and around the Arena) and to her/his actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording (“Footage”), all rights in which will be owned by us, the Organizer or the relevant third party. The Entrant also agrees that any such Footage may be used by us or the Organizer in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world, including (with the exception of CCTV or security Footage) for commercial purposes, such as merchandising or DVDs, without payment or compensation to the Entrant.
2.11. the Entrant does not bring any animals, with the exception of assistance dogs
2.12. the entrant accepts that during the Sporting Event the Organizers will check if the rules are kept

3. The entrant:
3.1. Only the Organizers and the police are entitled to conduct security searches of clothing and bags, to conduct identification of the Entrant, and to detain and/or eject the Entrant from the event in case of contravention.
3.2. The Entrant is only allowed to: • enter the Sporting Event through the entrance gate given on her/his entry ticket, season ticket, invitation card • approach her/his sector or working area on the designated route • stay in the sector or place given on his/her entry ticket, season ticket, or any other certifi cation that authorizes entry • occupy the seat given on her/his entry ticket, season ticket, invitation card • use the buildings and service units designated for the event • leave the sporting event on the entry route designated for her/him, unless the Organizer, the stewards or the police otherwise require
3.3. The Entrant is required to observe and comply with all rules and regulations of the Sporting Venue and to comply with all instructions given to her/him by Police, Venue stewards and staff at the Event.
3.4. The Entrant is not permitted to perform any activities that affects the running of the Event, obstructs the Event, or endangers other visitors’ health and safety.
3.5. The entrant is not allowed to throw anything at other person, or at the court.
3.6. The Entrant is not permitted to enter the court and any other restricted areas of the Venue without permission, and cannot even attempt to do so.
3.7. It is forbidden to use pyrotechnical items, flammable material, and to cause fire.
3.8. The use of laser (or similar to laser) flashlight which may endangers the Sporting Event is prohibited.
3.9. National anthems, official anthems or anthems related to the Event cannot be disrupted.
3.10. It is prohibited to stop at the stairs or exit ways. Escape ways, corridors, aisles, entrances and emergency exits must be kept clear at all times.
3.11. The Entrant is not allowed to block vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic, and is not permitted to replace crowd control barriers or any other elements of the Venue.
3.12. The Entrant must not show behavior which denotes libels, defames, abuses, invades privacy, harasses or is obscene, racist, abusive, threatening or offensive.
3.13. The Entrant is allowed to place placards, flags onto the fences, bars and posts only with the express written consent of the Organizers.
3.14. The Entrant cannot block the others’ view.
3.15. It is prohibited to climb, sit and stay on the Venue’s structures.
3.16. The Entrant is not allowed to cover her/his face and the Entrant is allowed to wear clothes, making the identification difficult or impossible, only with the Organizers express written consent.
3.17. Littering is prohibited.
3.18. The Entrant is to comply with the regulations of smoking.
3.19. The Entrant’s registered ticket, season ticket, or any other device giving the bearer the right to attend an Event cannot be transferred to another person, and can only be used under these contractual Terms and Conditions.

4. The Entrant is permitted to sell or offer for sale or distribute any items whilst at or in the environs of Sporting Venue only with the Organizers express written consent.

5. The Entrant commits a crime if • she/he shows threatening or bullying resistance to legal actions taken by the police or by the Organizer. • she/he enters or attempts to enter any backstage or prohibited areas. • she/he throws any objects or substances onto the stage or into the crowd or at another visitor

6. The Organizer must call the Entrant to discontinue her/his behavior if it denotes libels, defames, abuses, invades privacy, harasses or is obscene, racist, abusive, threatening or offensive or does not correlate with fair support and encouragement .

7. If the Entrant does not meet the requirements of Section 2., or continues her/his disturbing activity summarized in Section 6., she/he must be ejected from the Sporting Event. The Organizer will ask the person to eject to proof her/his identity. In case of not cooperating, the steward immediately informs the police in order to have the identity check. Until the arrival of the police, but no longer than for 3 hours since the police was informed, the Organizers are entitled to detain the Entrant.

8. The Entrant once ejected from the Event – or whose ejection wasn’t done due to a probable unwanted act that could have endangered the health and safety of other visitors or the Sporting Event – will be ejected from the whole Sporting Event.

9. The Spectator or the Spectators together must bear the responsibility of doing damage by breaking the safety rules. The compensation responsibility does not affect the Spectator’s violation or criminal responsibility. The person causing the damage must pay the Sport Organization for the expenses.

10. For the safe leaving Visitors can be held up by the police unless the other groups of fans were taken to the exits from the building, from the police support areas, and departed from the fans’ police supported route.

11. In the event of a cancellation of an Event, or if the Event is taking place with restricted number of Spectators the Entrant is entitled to a refund within 3 days. If the Sporting Event is interrupted, the tickets and the season tickets are valid for the repeated Sporting Event.

12. The Organizer ensures the documented taking over, safekeeping and giving back of the items which meet all the safety and measurement requirements, but still are prohibited within the Venues. The Organizer or Stewarts are not obliged to safeguard food or beverages. If the owner of the above mentioned items does not turn up within 2 hours from the end of the Event, the Organizers will act according to the rules.

13. The Organizer effects liability insurance for the participants of those Events which are under the regulation of Edict 54/2004. (III.31.) that is about the safety of sporting events. In such cases the existence of liability insurance is represented on the tickets and season tickets as well.

Valid from the 15th of February, 2015. till withdrawn.