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on 01 Jul


for the visitors of the events of HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre Ltd.

The visitor enters the territory of HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre at his/her own risk.

Those people cannot enter to the events organized by HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre, who

- suffer from “coronavirus disease 2019” (COVID-19)

- experience the symptoms of COVID-19

– especially coughing, fever, shortness of breath, sudden loss of smelling, lack of sensing taste or disturbance in sense of taste

- or experience symptoms that may endanger the health of others

- during the 14 days prior to the entry, visited a country which according to the current list published by the national chief medical officer, is considered to be an affected territory by the new coronavirus infection

- during the 14 days prior to the entry, were in close contact with a person, who is confirmed infected or likely to be infected with COVID-19 - are under home or official quarantine for any reason.

Visitor acknowledges that if any of the above conditions are met, entering is not allowed to the territory of Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre.

Visitor acknowledges that during admission they must pass through a thermal imager and a disinfection gate in the entry halls, and wear a mask indoors.

Hungexpo Ltd. may refuse entry if the visitor who is intended to enter produces symptoms of Covid-19 (cough, shortness of breath) or if the thermal imager shows that the visitor has a fever.

In case of refusal of entry, the price of the ticket already purchased will be refunded to the visitor in cash on the spot.

Recommendations for visitors

• Complete the registration process and ticket purchase in advance on our online platforms and print out your ticket in advance at home.

• Use the prior meeting planner system with the exhibitors.

• Follow the hygiene and health regulations.

More detailed information about the rules applied in the Exhibition Centre here:

Rules for organizing exhibitions for safe post COVID-19 events

The visitor purchasing ticket on the spot accepts these regulations by registering or purchasing ticket