Egy a természettel Világkiállítás


on 01 Jul

Dear Dog Owners,

Guests arriving with dogs may only enter the event through Entrance Hall III.

In accordance with Hungarian animal health regulations, prior to entering the event all dogs must be proven to have received the required vaccination(s) and provided with a chip!

The owner or handler of the dog is responsible for the dog’s safety and physical wellbeing while on the event’s territory, for its entire duration.

• It is prohibited to expose the dog to conditions that could endanger its physical wellbeing or comfort.

• It is prohibited to leave the dog in a vehicle.

• It is prohibited to abuse the dog in any way.

The owner or handler of the dog is responsible for any damage or injury caused by the dog throughout the event’s entire duration.

Violation of the above rules could lead to being banned from the event, or in the case of a legal infringement to the initiation of official proceedings.