on 24 Aug

1. By buying a ticket or a season ticket or by collecting another certificate for admission, as well as by turning up for admission, the participant accepts the Terms and conditions.

2. A participant can be admitted to the venue of the sports event if: 2.1. he agrees to prove his identity when asked by the security staff; 2.2. he possesses a valid ticket, season ticket or other entry permit; 2.3. he is not banned from attending sports events, or is not subject to exclusion or a banning order due to an offence and is not subject to a decision of a foreign sports organisation, authority or court with a similar effect, referred to in Section 76/A (1) of Act I of 2004 on Sports; 2.4. he is not visibly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances; 2.5. he consents to the inspection of his clothing and belongings; 2.6. he is not carrying: • any food, drinks, drugs, any objects that are difficult to handle and cannot be stowed under the seat, or objects that can compromise the running of the sports event or the personal and material safety of other people, or objects that may distract the players or the officials or may interfere with the spectators’ entertainment, or objects that can be used in violent acts or the possession of which has been banned by the law, or the bringing of which to the sports event has been prohibited by the organiser; • banners or flags or symbols of tyranny that are prohibited by the law and incite hatred towards others, or have a political content or can shock others, and he is not wearing such clothing; • any promotional or commercial purpose objects, unless he has a relevant permit issued by the organiser; • a video camera or professional camera, unless he has a relevant permit issued by the organiser; • any animals, with the exception of guide dogs in the case disabled spectators; 2.7. he acknowledges that video and audio recording can be made about him during the sports event (the recordings can be used by the organiser, the contracted parties and the accredited photographers for their own purposes and published); 2.8. he does not exhibit any conduct prohibited under Section 4 or specified in Section 5 or 6.

3. The participant: 3.1. The participant’s clothing and belongings can be searched, his identity can be checked, he himself can be retained or ejected from the event by the police and the security staff securing the event; 3.2. In addition to the personal belongings and the items specified in the Ground Regulations, participants may carry only the official country flags of the teams and the official club flags of the clubs playing the match. The national flags may only show the names of the official towns of the country, any other sign may be carried only with the organiser’s permission and choreography may be displayed only with the organiser’s permission; 3.3. The participant can exclusively • enter the premises of the sports facility through the entrance gate specified on the ticket, season ticket or invitation card; • access his sector or his place of work via the specified route; • occupy the seat and use the facility objects and catering units specified on his ticket/season ticket or invitation card; 3.4. The participant can only stay in the sector or location shown on his ticket, season ticket or other entry permit; 3.5. The participant must comply with the provisions of the Ground Regulations, the requirements specified by the organiser, as well as the instructions of the organiser, the police and the security staff, the requests of the stewards; 3.6. Unless instructed otherwise by the organiser, the security staff or the police, the participant can leave the sports facility only at the designated point of exit; 3.7. once the participant has left the sports event and the admission ticket, season ticket or other certificate of admission grants the right for a single entry, he cannot return; 3.8. the participant shall leave the event when ordered to do so by the organiser, the organiser’s representative or the security staff.

4. During the sports event the participant shall not: 4.1. engage in any activity that can disturb the order of or prevent the sports event, or compromise the personal and material safety of the participants of the sports event; 4.2. throw objects to the playing field, to areas closed to spectators and in the direction of other persons without a prior permission of the organiser; 4.3. enter or shall not attempt to enter the playing field and other areas closed to spectators without a permit; 4.4. use pyrotechnic devices, shall not start a fire; 4.5. use laser pointers or similar signalling lights; 4.6. disturb the playing of national, official or competition related anthems; 4.7. stand on the escape route (e.g. on the stadium stairs) shall not obstruct, and shall stay clear from the escape routes, corridors, entrances, emergency exits, shall not obstruct the movement of vehicles and pedestrians; 4.8. demonstrate racist, xenophobic, indecent behaviour or behaviour that can be interpreted as one having an ideological, religious or political motivation, furthermore he shall not display slogans or emblems with such contents; 4.9. affix any banner or flag on any fence, railing or pole without the organiser’s or security staff’s permit; 4.10. obstruct the view of others; 4.11. climb on the fences or other structures of the facility; 4.12. cover his/her face; 4.13. litter, and shall obey the smoking related rules; 4.14. pursue any commercial activity unless he is in possession of a prior written consent of the organiser; 4.15. may transmit information about the sports event or its result and moments only with a prior written consent of the organising sports federation or pursuant to a contract, including mainly information transmitted to sports betting and online sports betting organisers and sports betting data providers and their sub-contractors as well as recordings of the event representing rights and titles. If the participant cannot present a written permission of the organiser at the venue, he may be ejected following an order

5. The organiser shall call the participant who jeopardises the implementation of the sports event as well as the personal and material safety of others, or who demonstrates a racist, xenophobic, political, threatening or indecent behaviour through unsportsmanlike cheering and encouragement to stop demonstrating such conduct.

6. If during the sports event a participant or any party requesting admission fails to meet the requirements specified in Section 2, or fails to stop the behaviour referred to in Section 4-6 despite the security staff’s warning, admission shall be denied and he shall be ejected from the sports event. The security staff shall order the person to be ejected to prove his identity. If the person to be ejected fails to obey the order, the security staff shall – in the absence of legal provisions to the contrary – immediately call the police to conduct an identity check. Until the arrival of the police, but maximum until the end of the third hour from the notification of the police, the security staff has the right to retain the person to be ejected, provided that the person is retained in an area covered by a surveillance camera system in operation on the site.

7. If someone has been ejected from a sports event, or who was not ejected because an intervention by the organiser (security staff) at the venue of the sports event was thought to provoke actions by the spectators that would have disproportionately compromised the safety of the sports event, the organiser will ban such person from attending the sports events. Anyone who violates the Ground Regulations in any other way may also be excluded.

8. Anybody who resists by violence or threats a legal action taken by the police or security staff for maintaining the order, anybody who enters or attempts to enter an area closed to the spectators or a certain group of spectators, or throws to this area an object that may cause bodily injury, commits a crime.

9. Liability for any damage arising from non-compliance with the safety regulations shall be borne by the spectator. In case damage is caused by several people, spectators involved in causing the damage shall have joint and several liability. Liability for indemnification shall not affect the spectator’s offence or criminal liability. The perpetrator shall indemnify the football federation for all costs arising from the damage.

10. During the sports event, the organiser or, when employed, the Security Service and representative of the travelling sports organisation, shall be entitled to use camera surveillance and record the footages in order to guarantee the safety and security of participants.

11. The organiser has taken out liability insurance for the participants. Only personnel lawfully attending the event may be eligible for liability insurance. In view of the provisions of the legislation, the right to insurance may be granted, apart from the exceptions specified by law, only to individuals who submit their claim by 12.00 a.m. of the third day following the expiry of the validity of the admission ticket, season ticket or other certificate granting the right of admission (end of the match) in writing, by submitting the serial number of the admission ticket, season ticket or certificate granting the right of admission.

12. In order to ensure that spectators can leave the stadium in a safe manner, the police may keep the spectators in the sports facility until the groups of spectators of the opposing team leave the sports facility, the area secured by the police as well as from the fans’ movement routes. If the police is not present at the sports event, the security staff may also decide on holding back spectators on their own.

13. If the sports event was cancelled or was held behind closed doors or in front of a limited number of spectators, the price of the ticket will be refunded within three working days. If the sports event is interrupted, the tickets and the season tickets – provided season tickets have been sold – shall be valid for the repeated event.

14. For the purposes of these Terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply: 14.1. Organiser: In the case of matches played by national football teams, the Hungarian Cup Final and other sports events organised by it the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation. 14.2. Participant: the natural person who stays at the venue of the sport event during, as well as one and a half hours before or after the event or until demanded by the organiser. Spectators (fans) shall be regarded as participants. 14.3 Security staff: Persons with a minimum qualification of “security guard” that are employed by the security company hired to secure the event, and whose clothing allows them to be identified as security staff. 14.4. Steward: The organiser may employ stewards for performing the tasks relating to the organisation of the sports event as volunteers or under an employment contract or a contract for other legal relationship involving work. As a representative of the organiser, a steward especially assists in the communication with and providing information to the spectators and other participants at the venue of the sports event, in accessing the venue of the sports event and orientation inside, in the secure implementation of the sports event and in the use of the services provided at the venue of the sports event. Pursuant to the law only individuals over the age of 18 and with no criminal record may be employed as stewards. 14.5. Sports event: a competition or match held for the pursuit of a sports activity in or outside a competition system by a sports organisation or sports federation in the presence of participants. A sports programme shall be regarded as a sports event. For the purposes of these Terms and conditions, only a competition or match organised by the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation is a sports event. 14.6. Duration of the sports event: from the arrival of the participants at the venue of the sports event up until they leave the venue of the sports event. 14.7. Venue of the sports event: a public location or a specific part of the public area where the sports event is held and where participants may be present. 14.8. Sports facility: a structure and site providing the venue for an organised sports event. 14.9. Exclusion: Pursuant to the law during a sports event organised by the organiser or with the involvement of a travelling sports organisation and during the use of the admission system the organiser shall refuse to sell admission tickets to individuals ejected from the sports event and shall prevent the attendance of the sports event by such persons (exclusion). The travelling sports organisation and the organiser may exclude from the attendance of the sports event anyone who has been ejected from a sports event, or who was not ejected because an intervention by the organiser (security staff) at the venue of the sports event was thought to provoke actions by the spectators that would have disproportionately compromised the safety of the sports event. This information is based on the provisions of the law but is not intended to provide exhaustive information about them.

Effective from 1 April 2019.