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The greatest mummy collection of the world comes to Budapest


The secrets beyond the grave are about to be revealed: on the 16th of August 2018 the unique Mummies of the World exhibition will arrive to the Komplex in downtown Budapest. This is the biggest mummy collection of the world, the bodies and the artifacts were borrowed from a number of academic organizations, museums, private collections and universities so that the public can "meet face to face" with these special objects of our history. The Hungarian Natural History Museum is the professional partner of the exhibition. 


Following the successful organization of many exhibitions on the large scale - BODY and Titanic for example in Hungary - JVS Group was granted the possibility of presenting the Mummies of the World exhibition that had its premiere in Prague. The Hungarian public is the second on the continent to see the exhibition - and do it in a exclusive set-up. 

The Mummies of the World exhibition was pieced together in the United States with the support of renowned scientists, archaeologists, doctors and anthropologists. 1.6 million people saw the exhibition in the USA alone. The mummies that belong to one topic will be presented in the same room, the visitors therefore can feel like they have been absorbed by a time machine as they get a glimpse into the world of the ancient Egypt, the medieval Inca civilization, the life of the tribes of South-America or medieval Germany.    

Some of the bodies were mummified for religious purposes while others were conserved in vaults, or in the depth of a swamp by natural causes.

One of the most interesting findings is the mummy of a noble man, Baron von Holz who died during the 30 year war. The world famous "Vác mummies" will also be on display. The remains of the family were discovered in 1994 in a long forgotten underground vault.  

Egyptian animal mummies and the body of Nes-Hor, an egyptian cleric will also be displayed as well as some other exclusive and secretive contents that are still about to be revealed.  

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