Festivalul Peninsula 2013 - Tickets

There are no active performances for this event!

Event details

The members of the most famous live dubstep band in the world, the Brittish from Modestep, will perform at the Peninsula Festival on July 20.

The sensation Egiptian duo Aly&Fila will mix on July 21, after a performance from Vlad Rusu  . The offer from the biggest festival in Romania also has a Kumm concert (July 20) and an anniversary recital Anima Sound System (July 18). 

Concerts announced for the Peninsula Festival:

 18 July: Kaiser Chiefs (UK), Paul Kalkbrenner (DE), Alborosie (JAM/IT), Utah Jazz & Stamina MC (UK), Suie Paparude, Vita de Vie, Anima Sound System (HU), Lemon Bucket Orkestra (CAN), Luna Amara, Acapella WindSingers (HU), Magda Puskas & friends, Mushroom Story, Theory Of Mind, Sky Swallows Challenger, Satelittes, Natif, Mojo Barrel, Blood Print, Rubik's Cube.

19 iulie:  Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra (SRB), DragonForce (UK), Benga (UK), Camo&Krooked (A) feat. MC Youthstar (UK/FR), The Sweet Life Society (IT), Lemon Bucket Orkestra (CAN), Kistehen (HU), Altar, Sterbinszky (HU), The Amsterdams,  Zadar, Traff!c, Baba Dochia, Kaleidonescu, Lights Out, Persona, Pistol Cu Capse, Quantum Drive, Astero, SoNaked, The Kryptonite Sparks.

20 iulie:  Ska-P (ESP), Modestep live (UK), UMEK (SLO), Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg (US), N.O.H.A. (CZ, DE, US), Kumm, Coma,  Julian (HU), Niste Baieti, Zadar, Traff!c, Hot Club de Cluj, Diamonds Are Forever, White Walls, GoodBye To Gravity, Roadkill Soda, Breathelast, Scars Of A Story, Rock `n Ghena, Divided By Perception.

21 iulie: Aly & Fila (EG), RotFront (DE), Intim Torna Illegal (HU), Ocho Macho (HU), Grimus, Ska-nk, Snatt&Vix, Rehab Nation, Relative, Dirty Shirt, Ultimu' Nivel, Methadone Skies, Nomega, .ROM, Vlad Rusu. 

The Peninsula Festival will take place between 18 – 21 of July in Cluj-Napoca, on the Garbau Valley.