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This year the 4th Soul & Gospel Festival will be held in Budapest with its location moved from the Westend Roof Garden to the spectacle this is Laszlo PAPP Budapest Sport Arena. On the 3rd of November 2010 two amazing groups will hold a concert, namely, Hillsong London and the London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC).

Hillsong London have raised faith and hope in the hearts of millions across the globe to which we gladly welcome one of the most fresh and dynamic bands to grace the contemporary gospel music scene today.
Previously, Hillsong London held a concert with Matt Redman on the roof terrace of the Westend Shopping Centre in Budapest during the Soul & Gospel Festival of 2008. The roof terrace of the Westend was to record capacity, filled to the brim with enthusiastic youth.

Hillsong London recently partook in the long awaited 19th album release entitled 'A Beautiful Exchange', available now. Most of its repertoire consisting of Hillsong’s well known compositions proceeding such classics as 'Hail to the King.' The sound evoked from Hillsong London's church has become a key part in the role todays local church has. Furthermore dont miss out on the revolutionary new and spectacular visual elements, neither their unique stage appearance. With its gracious elements of lighting, sound and scenery the Budapest Sports Arena concert will be an outstanding one to say the least.

Bazil MEADE dreamed and founded the LCGC (London Community Gospel Choir) which is a modern gospel choir in 1982. Since becoming known across Europe with their versatile music style and dynamic presence they give an unforgettable experience. The group has previously visited Hungary also when they held a fully sold out concert at Millenaris Park in Budapest.

Location: Laszlo PAPP Budapest Sport Arena, Budapest, Hungary
Date: at 7 PM on 3rd November 2010