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Rumbach Street Synagogue  Sunday, September 4 • 19:30


The Mörk Band  burst onto the scene in 2014. The reputation of the quartet: Márk Zentai (voice), Bálint Szeifert (bass guitar), Gábor Novai (keyboards) and Dániel Szabó (drums), spread in the city by word of mouth. They first tried their wings in special venues and at secret concerts in private homes. Apparently the roots of the band that plays Stand-up Jazz and Philosophical Pop are to be found in soul, funk and pop traditions. But they also like to improvise and hammer away putting rock bands to shame and to wander a little in space.

At their concert in the Jewish Cultural Festival, they will play Mörk numbers with guest musicians acoustically. The star guest of the evening will be Bea Palya.

Bea Palya


She grew up with Hungarian, Roma and Bulgarian folk music and later learned about the music of other peoples (Sephardic music, Indian music). She mainly sings her own songs which reveal a moving personal world. Her twelve solo albums give us a chance to follow the process whereby she works with tradition and modern subjects and as she continues her inner journey through her songs.