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The Royal Moscow Ballet - A hattyúk tava

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Following of the enormous success of last year, the most beautiful pearl of classical dance traditions – that has only been available for a special type of social elite - will be presented again!
This year before Christmas, the ballet performance of the Swan Lake will visit Hungary again.

Since the change of regime, the Royal Moscow Balett has introduced thousands of event halls to the spectacular world of the European classical and romantic dance theater, worldwide. This year, before the approach of Advent, the Hungarian audience can experience this unique fairytale in Budapest. Tarnished, evergreen ballet hits in a modern setting, performed by the most prominent dancers of the Russian ballet school.

The motto of the company is quiet simple: Their goal is to present the beautiful, noble traditions of the classical dance theater for the widest audience possible, along with young people. The company has been filtering out the most demanding trends in Russian dance schools, the unified classical style that marks its performances and represents uninterrupted success on the stage of several thousand audiences in five continents of the world - for more than two decades.

Anatoly Emelianov – founder of the company – had his first performance with the fresh on August 12, 2002, with the participants of the Moscow intellectuals attending the show. For the tenth anniversary of the dance group, it was already over 20 staged and 15 classical ballet performances that Anatoly Emelianov choreographed. The company has been touring in exclusive and special countries as Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya. Furthermore the dancers permormed in the immediate vicinity of Victoria Falls, recieving a huge ovation for their Don Quijote's performance.

The ballet company has at least 50 performances per year from the classical and contemporary repertoire. Its permanent performing stages are: Russian, French, Swiss, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Austrian, Irish and German, but they also perform in Israel, the Canary Islands, China, Korea, Japan, Malta and Sri Lanka.

The Hungarian audience can experience this fairytale on the 2nd and 3rd of December in Budapest on the stage of the Erkel Theater.