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There are no active performances for this event!

Event details

Gives access to the opened standing places and grandstands on the spectator side of the circuit on the given day(s) of the event.                
Gives access from the spectator side of the circuit to the Paddock and back (unlimited times) on the given date                
Entrance to the circuit and to the Paddock under the age 14 is free during each day of the event.                
Children under the age 14 may only access Hungaroring circuit with an adult                
Access to the Paddock might be restricted depending on the crowd inside due to security reasons.                
VIP ticket includes:                
Access to the spectator side of the circuit                
Access to the Paddock                
Catering in the Paddock above the pits (breakfast, lunch and snacks) between 10:00-16:00 hours                
Bar (coffee, tea, soft drinks)                
Unique view of the start/finish lane                
VIP Parking lot close to the Paddock and the VIP area                
* there is no reduced rate for VIP tickets, it is € 295,- for all ages

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