Delivery Methods

On the portal in case ticket pruchase we charge 700 HUF as order fee and the delivery fee based on the choosen delivery option and cart value.

On the portal you can choose from the following delivery methods:

Pick up option:


Pick up the tickets at the Ticket Express offices (list you can find below). You have to go personally to the ticket office. The tickets availeable on the next workday after 2pm.

Cost of "Pick up the tickets at the Eventim main office":

0 - 20 000 Ft ticket value - 500 Ft

20 001 - 40 000 Ft ticket value - 1500 Ft

40 001 Ft ticket value - 2500 Ft

You can choose during the purchase process, which ticket office would you like to go:

-Eventim Bálna

Fővám tér 11-12. ,1093 Budapest

Opening hours: Mo-Fri: 10.00-18.00, (Lunch time: between12.30-13.00)

Courier delivery service:


Courier service for abroad available only for some dedicated countries. Please call 00 36 30 505 0666 for further information or write us to

In Hungary: 4 400 HUF

Outside Hungary: 19 900 HUF



Simply print your own tickets right before the event – use your own printer and save the shipping costs! Print@Home offers the possibility of searching the internet, ordering, paying and directly printing original tickets for events.

Cost of Print@Home:

0 -6 000 HUF order value- 350 HUF,

6 001- 20 000 HUF order value- 790 HUF,

20 001- 30 000 HUF order value- 1 190 HUF,

30 001- 40 000 HUF order value- 1 490 HUF,

40 001- 50 000 HUF order value- 1 890 HUF,

50 001- 60 000 HUF order value- 2 300 HUF,

60 001- 70 000 HUF order value- 3 100 HUF,

70 001- 80 000 HUF order value- 3 900 HUF,

80 001- 90 000 HUF order value- 4 400 HUF,

90 000- 120 000 HUF order value- 4 900 HUF,

120 001- 150 000 HUF order value- 5 600 HUF,

150 001- 200 000 HUF order value- 6 100 HUF,

above 200 001 HUF order value- 6 900 HUF.

How does Print@Home work?

Print@Home tickets are on offer on the internet platform of Ticket Express, choose the type of delivery print@home. The seats are booked from the uniform TEX database, there is therefore no Print@Home quota. After the tickets have been chosen Print@Home is chosen as type of delivery. VISA and Mastercard credit cards payments are available in case print@Home orders. After booking and payment have been successfully completed online, you will see a print@home button that lets you access and print your PDF ticket. You can access and print the ticket in “my account” anytime, even right before the event. (Please note: the ticket will be electronically registered at the entrance and is only valid once! Therefore, it is important to hold on to your Print@Home ticket and to not share the link with others. In case of copies or multiple printouts, only the first person will be able to enter the venue.)

Requirements to be able to print a Print@Home ticket

- The requirements to print are that the program „Acrobat Reader“ version 5.0 or above is installed. The program can be downloaded free here (LINK) .

- The print must be made on white DIN A4 paper.

- The setting in print quality must not be „draft“.

- Tickets that are printed with inkjet printers are moisture sensitive ( smudging of barcode ), the ticket must therefore be protected from moisture.

- The print can be made in colour or black and white.

How secure is a Print@Home ticket?

Just as secure as a normal ticket. Print@Home tickets are read individually during admission by an admission control system. With this ticket only one person can enter an event location once. It is therefore important to store the ticket securely and to not make it or the link available to other people. In the case of copies or multiple prints only the first person has the possibilty to pass the admission control. The purchaser is liable to the promoter for any multiple prints or copies.

What do I have to do if a ticket is stolen, lost or printing was not possible?

If the ticket is not generated (this may happen in case of a short server connection failure), please get back to us at or 0036 30 3030 999 (Monday–Friday 9 AM–5PM, ). Have your reference number and email address ready, and we will send your ticket by email.

How does admission control take place?

At the event there is at least one entrance with admission control fro all areas for which Print@Home tickets were sold. The tickets are controlled either with a hand scanner or by the admission control system that is installed at the location. Promoters and venues receive the admission control hard and software from Ticket Express. Also the recent installations of the company SkiData (Handshake) can read TEX Print@Home tickets. Print@Home tickets are only available from Ticket Express for those events where an electronic admission control is installed.



Cost of E-Ticket:

0 -5 000 HUF order value-290 Ft,

5 001- 20 000 HUF order value - 690 HUF,

20 001- 30 000 HUF order value- 1 090 HUF,

30 001- 40 000 HUF order value- 1 290 HUF,

40 001- 50 000 HUF order value-1 590 HUF,

50 001- 60 000 HUF order value- 1 990 HUF,

60 001- 70 000 HUF order value- 2 690 HUF,

70 001- 80 000 HUF order value- 2 990 HUF,

80 001- 90 000 HUF order value- 3 490 HUF,

above 90 001 HUF - 3 990 HUF.